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Friday, January 24, 2014
Int B -- A111:45 AMTonys London Blizzard 0-2Kawartha Blades
Int C - A212:00 PMNic A Cruiser Sports Silver Streaks1-1Northumberland Predators
Int B -- A312:00 PMChrysler Essex Kent Ice Bullets8-2KW Sidewinders
Int C - A412:15 PMNic C Northern Sliders 5-0Hamilton Sledgehammers
Int C - B512:30 PMNic B Cruiser Red Dawgs 1-5Markham Islanders
Sled - B61:00 PMTonys London Blizzard 2-0Durham Steelhawks
Int C - C71:15 PMChrysler Ohio Blades 0-0Buffalo Sabres
Int C - C81:15 PMNic A Niagara Thunderblades 2-4Kingston Knights
Int C - D91:30 PMNic C Brant County Crushers 2-1Buffalo Sabres Select
Int C - D111:45 PMNic B PEI Icebreakers 0-1Cape Breton Sledgehammers
Int A --RR102:15 PMTonys Elmvale Bears0-2Buffalo Sabres
Int A --RR122:30 PMChrysler Cruiser Sports All Blacks1-1Edmonton Impact
Sled - A132:30 PMNic A Hamilton Jr.. Sledgehammers 2-0Buffalo Sabres
Sled - A142:45 PMNic C Essex Kent Ice Bullets 0-4Sarnia Ice Hawks
Sled - B153:00 PMNic B Kawartha Blazers 0-3Cruiser Sports
Int B -- B163:45 PMChrysler Ottawa Falcons 1-1Michigan Sled Dogs
Int C - B174:00 PMNic A Sarnia Ice Hawks 0-6Newfoundland Sled Dogs
Int B -- B184:30 PMHarveys Durham Steelhawks 9-1North Bay Ice Breakers
Int B -- A194:30 PMTonys Ohio United 1-4Essex Kent Ice Bullets
Int B -- A205:00 PMChrysler KW Sidewinders 2-3London Blizzard
Saturday, January 25, 2014
Int B -- A217:15 AMWastell Kawartha Blades 0-7Ohio United
Int B -- A227:30 AMHarveys Essex Kent Ice Bullets5-0London Blizzard
Int C - A237:45 AMTonys Northumberland Predators 3-4Northern Sliders
Int C - A248:15 AMChrysler Hamilton Sledgehammers 5-0Cruiser Sports Silver Streaks
Int C - B258:30 AMWastell Markham Islanders 7-0Sarnia Ice Hawks
Int C - B268:45 AMHarveys Newfoundland Sled Dogs 7-0Cruiser Red Dawgs
Int C - C279:00 AMTonys Buffalo Sabres 2-1Niagara Thunderblades
Int C - C289:30 AMChrysler Kingston Knights 6-0Ohio Blades
Int C - D299:45 AMWastell Buffalo Sabres Select 7-1PEI Icebreakers
Int C - D3010:00 AMHarveys Cape Breton Sledgehammers 0-9Brant County Crushers
Sled - A3110:15 AMTonys Buffalo Sabres 1-2Essex Kent Ice Bullets
Int A --RR3211:00 AMChrysler Buffalo Sabres 7-2Cruiser Sports All Blacks
Sled - A3311:15 AMWastell Sarnia Ice Hawks 9-3Hamilton Jr.. Sledgehammers
Sled - B3411:30 AMHarveys Cruiser Sports 0-0London Blizzard
Sled - B3511:45 AMTonys Durham Steelhawks 0-0Kawartha Blazers
Int A --RR3612:15 PMChrysler Edmonton Impact1-4Elmvale Bears
Int B -- B3712:30 PMWastell Michigan Sled Dogs 0-8Durham Steelhawks
Int B -- B3812:45 PMHarveys North Bay Ice Breakers 0-0Ottawa Falcons
Int B -- A391:00 PMTonys Kawartha Blades 0-2Essex Kent Ice Bullets
Int B -- A401:30 PMChrysler Ohio United 3-0KW Sidewinders
Int C - A411:45 PMWastell Hamilton Sledgehammers 1-4Northumberland Predators
Int C - A422:00 PMHarveys Cruiser Sports Silver Streaks0-11Northern Sliders
Int C - B432:15 PMTonys Newfoundland Sled Dogs 7-3Markham Islanders
Int C - B443:00 PMChrysler Sarnia Ice Hawks 0-3Cruiser Red Dawgs
Int C - C453:15 PMWastell Kingston Knights 0-0Buffalo Sabres
Int C - C463:30 PMHarveys Niagara Thunderblades 4-2Ohio Blades
Int C - D473:45 PMTonys Cape Breton Sledgehammers 0-6Buffalo Sabres Select
Int C - D484:15 PMChrysler PEI Icebreakers 0-5Brant County Crushers
Sled - A494:30 PMWastell Sarnia Ice Hawks 5-1Buffalo Sabres
Sled - A504:45 PMHarveys Essex Kent Ice Bullets 0-3Hamilton Jr.. Sledgehammers
Sled - B515:00 PMTonys Kawartha Blazers 1-2London Blizzard
Int A --RR525:30 PMChrysler Edmonton Impact0-4Buffalo Sabres
Sled - B535:45 PMWastell Durham Steelhawks 2-3Cruiser Sports
Int B -- B546:00 PMHarveys North Bay Ice Breakers 2-2Michigan Sled Dogs
Int B -- B556:15 PMTonys Durham Steelhawks 5-2Ottawa Falcons
Int A --RR566:45 PMChrysler Elmvale Bears0-2Cruiser Sports All Blacks
Int B -- A577:15 PMWastell KW Sidewinders 3-3Kawartha Blades
Int B -- A587:30 PMHarveys London Blizzard 2-4Ohio United
Int C- Cha597:45 PMTonys Markham Islanders 1-2Northern Sliders
Int C- Cha608:00 PMChrysler Buffalo Sabres 0-4Newfoundland Sled Dogs
Int C- Cha618:30 PMWastell Buffalo Sabres Select 4-3Kingston Knights
Int C- Cha628:45 PMHarveys Northumberland Predators 0-4Brant County Crushers
Sunday, January 26, 2014
Int A -Cha638:00 AMChrysler Edmonton Impact1-4Buffalo Sabres
Int A -Cha648:15 AMWastell Elmvale Bears0-2Cruiser Sports All Blacks
Int B -Cha658:30 AMHarveys Ohio United 3-2Durham Steelhawks
Int B -Cha668:45 AMTonys Ottawa Falcons 0-1Essex Kent Ice Bullets
Int C- Cha679:30 AMChrysler Buffalo Sabres Select 2-1Northern Sliders
Int C- Cha689:45 AMWastell Brant County Crushers 2-3Newfoundland Sled Dogs
Sled- Cha6910:00 AMHarveys London Blizzard 1-4Sarnia Ice Hawks
Sled- Cha7010:15 AMTonys Hamilton Jr.. Sledgehammers 1-0Cruiser Sports
Int A -Cha7111:00 AMChrysler Elmvale Bears3-2Edmonton Impact
Int B -Cha7211:30 AMHarveys Ottawa Falcons 1-6Durham Steelhawks
Int C- Cha7311:45 AMTonys Brant County Crushers 5-4Northern Sliders
Int A -Cha7412:30 PMChrysler Cruiser Sports All Blacks0-4Buffalo Sabres
Sled- Cha751:00 PMHarveys Cruiser Sports 0-1London Blizzard
Int C- Cha761:15 PMTonys Newfoundland Sled Dogs 5-0Buffalo Sabres Select
Int B -Cha772:00 PMChrysler Essex Kent Ice Bullets0-1Ohio United
Sled- Cha782:30 PMHarveys Hamilton Jr.. Sledgehammers 2-6Sarnia Ice Hawks
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