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Friday, May 30, 2014
RR2001110:50 AMBrook1 Vision Hockey Green 3-1Green Gloves AAA
RR2001210:50 AMNicholsB Ice Bulls 3-2Edge Hockey
RR2001311:20 AMBrook2 Vision Hockey White 0-5Hamilton Tigers
RR2001412:00 PMBrook1 Guelph Cougars 1-3Dunnys
RR2001512:00 PMNicholsB London Rebels 3-0Green Gloves AA
RR2001612:30 PMBrook2 London West T1 6-2Regional Central T2
RR200197:50 PMWestern2 Ice Bulls 2-2Vision Hockey Green
RR2001108:10 PMNicholsB Dunnys 1-3Regional Central T2
RR2001118:10 PMWestern3 Green Gloves AA 0-4Hamilton Tigers
RR2001128:30 PMWestern4 Guelph Cougars 0-5London West T1
RR200178:40 PMNicholsA London Rebels 0-3Vision Hockey White
RR200188:50 PMWestern1 Edge Hockey 3-3Green Gloves AAA
Saturday, May 31, 2014
RR2001132:50 PMWestern1 Regional Central T2 8-1Guelph Cougars
RR2001143:10 PMWestern2 Hamilton Tigers 5-2London Rebels
RR2001153:30 PMWestern3 London West T1 4-0Dunnys
RR2001164:00 PMWestern1 Vision Hockey Green 5-1Edge Hockey
RR2001174:20 PMWestern2 Green Gloves AAA 2-0Ice Bulls
RR2001184:40 PMWestern3 Vision Hockey White 7-1Green Gloves AA
C2001198:10 PMWestern3 Green Gloves AA 0-3Dunnys
C2001208:30 PMWestern4 Guelph Cougars 3-6Edge Hockey
F2001258:40 PMWestern1 Green Gloves AAA 3-2Vision Hockey Green
F2001249:10 PMWestern2 Regional Central T2 6-1Vision Hockey White
Sunday, June 1, 2014
C20012110:10 AMNicholsA Edge Hockey 2-3Ice Bulls
C20012210:20 AMNicholsB Dunnys 3-4London Rebels
F20012610:50 AMWestern3 Green Gloves AAA 5-2London West T1
F20012710:50 AMWestern4 Regional Central T2 1-2Hamilton Tigers
C2001232:10 PMNicholsB London Rebels 1-5Ice Bulls
F2001284:00 PMWestern2 Green Gloves AAA 4-3Hamilton Tigers
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • Brook1 - Brookside 1
  • Brook2 - Brookside 2
  • NicholsA - Nichols A
  • NicholsB - Nichols B
  • Western1 - Western 1
  • Western2 - Western 2
  • Western3 - Western 3
  • Western4 - Western 4

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