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Friday, May 30, 2014
RR200718:30 AMWestern3 SW Jets Blue 3-4Border City Ice Dogs
RR2006AAA18:30 AMBrook1 Southwest Jets Blue 3-3Regional Central T1
RR2006AAA28:30 AMNicholsB BK Kings 3-8London West T1
RR200728:50 AMWestern4 HTA 0-9Regional Central
RR200419:00 AMBrook2 Quickfeet 1-9London West T1
RR200739:00 AMWestern1 Quickfeet 2-4Elgin Sharks
RR2006AAA39:00 AMNicholsA Vision Hockey 1-8Border City Ice Dogs
RR200749:20 AMWestern2 SW Jets Red 4-3Xcelerate
RR200519:40 AMWestern3 Vision Hockey 1-3Green Gloves
RR200429:40 AMBrook1 SW Jets 3-2Dunnys
RR200439:40 AMNicholsB Regional Central T2 0-3Border City Ice Dogs
RR2003AAA110:00 AMWestern4 Regional Central T1 2-0London West T1
RR2003AAA210:10 AMWestern1 Green Gloves 5-5Eries Edge
RR2004410:10 AMBrook2 Regional Central T1 2-2PHD Elgin Sharks
RR2004510:10 AMNicholsA Battalion 5-0Xcelerate
RR2003AAA310:30 AMWestern2 Vision Hockey 0-5Team Compete
RR2003AA110:50 AMWestern3 Green Gloves 6-5Elgin Sharks
RR2001110:50 AMBrook1 Vision Hockey Green 3-1Green Gloves AAA
RR2001210:50 AMNicholsB Ice Bulls 3-2Edge Hockey
RR2003AA211:10 AMWestern4 SW Jets 1-7Regional Central T2
RR2002111:20 AMNicholsA Regional Central T1 1-4London West T1
RR2003AA311:20 AMWestern1 Dunnys 1-4Bluewater Sharks
RR2001311:20 AMBrook2 Vision Hockey White 0-5Hamilton Tigers
RR2003AA411:40 AMWestern2 Quickfeet 0-4London West T2
RR2002212:00 PMWestern3 London Vipers 3-0London West T2
RR2001412:00 PMBrook1 Guelph Cougars 1-3Dunnys
RR2001512:00 PMNicholsB London Rebels 3-0Green Gloves AA
RR2002312:20 PMWestern4 Maitland Ice Sharks 2-3Vision Hockey
RR2002412:30 PMWestern1 Georgian Bay Rattlers 1-3Dunnys
RR2006AAA412:30 PMNicholsA BK Kings 8-1Regional Central T1
RR2001612:30 PMBrook2 London West T1 6-2Regional Central T2
RR2006AA112:50 PMWestern2 ACES 6-5Quickfeet
RR2006AA21:10 PMWestern3 SW Jets Red 6-0Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects Crozier
RR2006AAA51:10 PMBrook1 London West T1 4-5Vision Hockey
RR2006AAA61:10 PMNicholsB Border City Ice Dogs 2-5Southwest Jets Blue
RR2006AA31:30 PMWestern4 Pro Tips 1-2Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects Mobus
RR200751:40 PMNicholsA SW Jets Red 5-2HTA
RR200761:40 PMWestern1 Elgin Sharks 10-3Border City Ice Dogs
RR200461:40 PMBrook2 Dunnys 5-4Quickfeet
RR200772:00 PMWestern2 Quickfeet 7-4SW Jets Blue
RR200472:20 PMBrook1 PHD Elgin Sharks 5-0SW Jets
RR200782:20 PMWestern3 Xcelerate 0-11Regional Central
RR200482:20 PMNicholsB Battalion 6-4Regional Central T2
RR200522:40 PMWestern4 Regional (Reesor) 2-5Vipers
RR2004102:50 PMNicholsA Xcelerate 1-7Border City Ice Dogs
RR200532:50 PMWestern1 Chatham Kent Rockets 6-0Dunnys
RR200492:50 PMBrook2 London West T1 5-3Regional Central T1
RR200543:10 PMWestern2 Elgin Sharks 5-1Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects
RR2003AAA43:30 PMBrook1 Vision Hockey 1-3HTA
RR200553:30 PMWestern3 Regional Central T1 5-0SW Jets
RR2003AAA53:30 PMNicholsB Team Compete 3-3Xcelerate
RR2003AA53:50 PMWestern4 Quickfeet 8-0SW Jets
RR200014:00 PMNicholsA Team Compete 1-3Dunnys
RR2003AAA64:00 PMBrook2 Eries Edge 2-4London West T1
RR2003AA64:10 PMWestern1 Bluewater Sharks 2-5Elgin Sharks
RR2003AA74:20 PMWestern2 London West T2 5-2Regional Central T2
RR200024:40 PMBrook1 Regional Central T2 3-6Green Gloves AA
RR200034:40 PMNicholsB Junior Warriors 1-5Green Gloves AAA
RR2003AA84:40 PMWestern3 Dunnys 2-2Green Gloves
RR200255:00 PMWestern4 Georgian Bay Rattlers 2-6London Vipers
RR200045:10 PMNicholsA London West T1 0-2Lambton Oil Kings
RR200265:20 PMWestern1 Dunnys 1-5London West T2
RR2006AA45:30 PMWestern2 Quickfeet 4-1SW Jets Red
RR2006AA55:50 PMWestern3 ACES 5-0Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects Mobus
RR200275:50 PMNicholsB Maitland Ice Sharks 0-12Regional Central T1
RR2006AA66:10 PMWestern4 Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects Crozier 7-7Pro Tips
RR200286:20 PMNicholsA Vision Hockey 0-8London West T1
RR200566:30 PMWestern1 Regional Central T1 0-1Green Gloves
RR200576:40 PMWestern2 Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects 0-10Chatham Kent Rockets
RR2003AAA77:00 PMNicholsB HTA 3-6Xcelerate
RR200587:00 PMWestern3 Elgin Sharks 6-0Dunnys
RR200597:20 PMWestern4 Vision Hockey 5-2Vipers
RR2003AAA87:30 PMNicholsA Green Gloves 5-1Regional Central T1
RR2005107:40 PMWestern1 Regional (Reesor) 2-4SW Jets
RR200197:50 PMWestern2 Ice Bulls 2-2Vision Hockey Green
RR2001108:10 PMNicholsB Dunnys 1-3Regional Central T2
RR2001118:10 PMWestern3 Green Gloves AA 0-4Hamilton Tigers
RR2001128:30 PMWestern4 Guelph Cougars 0-5London West T1
RR200178:40 PMNicholsA London Rebels 0-3Vision Hockey White
RR200188:50 PMWestern1 Edge Hockey 3-3Green Gloves AAA
RR200069:00 PMWestern2 Team Compete 1-3Junior Warriors
RR200079:20 PMNicholsB Regional Central T2 1-4London West T1
RR200089:20 PMWestern3 Green Gloves AA 0-7Lambton Oil Kings
RR200059:30 PMWestern4 Dunnys 1-15Green Gloves AAA
Saturday, May 31, 2014
RR2006AAA78:30 AMBrook1 London West T1 4-7Border City Ice Dogs
RR2006AAA88:30 AMNicholsB Southwest Jets Blue 5-6BK Kings
RR200798:30 AMWestern3 HTA 4-3Xcelerate
RR2003AAA98:30 AMNicholsA Xcelerate 6-0Vision Hockey
RR2005118:50 AMWestern4 Chatham Kent Rockets 1-4Elgin Sharks
RR2007109:00 AMWestern1 SW Jets Blue 3-3Elgin Sharks
RR2006AAA99:00 AMBrook2 Regional Central T1 3-0Vision Hockey
RR2007119:20 AMWestern2 Border City Ice Dogs 8-3Quickfeet
RR2007129:40 AMWestern3 Regional Central 9-2SW Jets Red
RR2003AA99:40 AMNicholsB SW Jets 0-10London West T2
RR200299:40 AMBrook1 London Vipers 6-0Dunnys
RR2003AA1010:00 AMNicholsA Green Gloves 1-1Bluewater Sharks
RR20041110:00 AMWestern4 Quickfeet 0-8PHD Elgin Sharks
RR20021010:10 AMBrook2 London West T2 2-5Georgian Bay Rattlers
RR20041210:10 AMWestern1 Regional Central T2 4-3Xcelerate
RR20041310:30 AMWestern2 Border City Ice Dogs 6-3Battalion
RR2003AA1110:50 AMNicholsB Regional Central T2 4-3Quickfeet
RR20021110:50 AMBrook1 Regional Central T1 3-3Vision Hockey
RR20041410:50 AMWestern3 SW Jets 1-9London West T1
RR2003AA1211:10 AMNicholsA Elgin Sharks 1-0Dunnys
RR20041511:10 AMWestern4 Regional Central T1 12-0Dunnys
RR2000911:20 AMWestern1 Junior Warriors 4-2Dunnys
RR20021211:30 AMBrook2 London West T1 8-1Maitland Ice Sharks
RR20001011:40 AMWestern2 Green Gloves AAA 13-0Team Compete
RR2003AAA1012:00 PMNicholsB Regional Central T1 0-3Eries Edge
RR20001112:00 PMWestern3 London West T1 2-0Green Gloves AA
RR20001212:20 PMNicholsA Lambton Oil Kings 8-1Regional Central T2
RR2006AA712:20 PMWestern4 Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects Mobus 1-6SW Jets Red
RR2006AA812:30 PMWestern1 Pro Tips 0-7ACES
RR2006AA912:50 PMWestern2 Quickfeet 7-1Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects Crozier
RR2003AAA111:10 PMNicholsB HTA 1-1Team Compete
RR2005121:10 PMWestern3 SW Jets 0-11Vision Hockey
RR2005131:30 PMNicholsA Green Gloves 8-1Regional (Reesor)
RR2005141:30 PMWestern4 Vipers 1-5Regional Central T1
RR2005151:40 PMWestern1 Dunnys 4-3Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects
C2007132:00 PMWestern2 SW Jets Blue 2-1HTA
F2006AAA102:20 PMNicholsB Southwest Jets Blue 3-0BK Kings
C2007142:20 PMWestern3 Xcelerate 2-1Quickfeet
C2006AAA2112:40 PMWestern4 London West T1 2-1Vision Hockey
RR2003AAA122:40 PMNicholsA London West T1 2-10Green Gloves
RR2001132:50 PMWestern1 Regional Central T2 8-1Guelph Cougars
RR2001143:10 PMWestern2 Hamilton Tigers 5-2London Rebels
RR2001153:30 PMWestern3 London West T1 4-0Dunnys
F2004193:30 PMNicholsB Regional Central T1 5-0Battalion
F2002163:50 PMWestern4 Vision Hockey 1-5London West T1
F2004203:50 PMNicholsA SW Jets 0-5PHD Elgin Sharks
RR2001164:00 PMWestern1 Vision Hockey Green 5-1Edge Hockey
RR2001174:20 PMWestern2 Green Gloves AAA 2-0Ice Bulls
C2004164:40 PMNicholsB Xcelerate 4-0Dunnys
RR2001184:40 PMWestern3 Vision Hockey White 7-1Green Gloves AA
F2002175:00 PMWestern4 Regional Central T1 2-4London Vipers
C2004175:00 PMNicholsA Quickfeet 1-5Regional Central T2
C2002135:10 PMWestern1 Dunnys 1-5Georgian Bay Rattlers
C2002145:30 PMWestern2 Maitland Ice Sharks 1-5London West T2
C2003AA135:50 PMNicholsB Dunnys 1-5Quickfeet
F2003AA175:50 PMWestern3 Green Gloves 0-2London West T2
C2003AA146:10 PMWestern4 SW Jets 2-7Bluewater Sharks
F2003AA166:10 PMNicholsA Elgin Sharks 0-2Regional Central T2
F2006AA126:20 PMWestern1 SW Jets Red 6-1Quickfeet
C2006AA106:40 PMWestern2 Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects Crozier 2-3Pro Tips
C2003AAA137:00 PMNicholsB London West T1 6-1Regional Central T1
F2003AAA177:00 PMWestern3 Eries Edge 1-6Xcelerate
C2003AAA147:20 PMNicholsA Vision Hockey 2-5HTA
F2003AAA167:20 PMWestern4 Team Compete 3-8Green Gloves
F2005197:30 PMWestern1 Vipers 1-4Regional Central T1
F2005207:50 PMWestern2 Vision Hockey 2-3Chatham Kent Rockets
C2000138:10 PMNicholsB Team Compete 2-3Green Gloves AA
C2001198:10 PMWestern3 Green Gloves AA 0-3Dunnys
F2000168:30 PMNicholsA Junior Warriors 1-4Lambton Oil Kings
C2001208:30 PMWestern4 Guelph Cougars 3-6Edge Hockey
F2001258:40 PMWestern1 Green Gloves AAA 3-2Vision Hockey Green
F2001249:10 PMWestern2 Regional Central T2 6-1Vision Hockey White
C2000149:20 PMNicholsB Regional Central T2 2-3Dunnys
F2000179:20 PMWestern3 London West T1 2-7Green Gloves AAA
Sunday, June 1, 2014
F2007168:20 AMWestern2 SW Jets Red 3-18Regional Central
F2007178:30 AMWestern3 Border City Ice Dogs 4-6Elgin Sharks
C2005179:00 AMNicholsA Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects 1-2Dunnys
F2005219:00 AMWestern1 Chatham Kent Rockets 3-4Elgin Sharks
C2005169:10 AMNicholsB Regional (Reesor) 0-2SW Jets
F2005229:30 AMWestern2 Regional Central T1 1-2Green Gloves
F2004219:40 AMWestern3 PHD Elgin Sharks 1-2Border City Ice Dogs
C20012110:10 AMNicholsA Edge Hockey 2-3Ice Bulls
F20042210:10 AMWestern1 Regional Central T1 1-2London West T1
C20012210:20 AMNicholsB Dunnys 3-4London Rebels
C20001510:40 AMWestern2 Dunnys 2-3Green Gloves AA
F20012610:50 AMWestern3 Green Gloves AAA 5-2London West T1
F20012710:50 AMWestern4 Regional Central T2 1-2Hamilton Tigers
F2006AA1311:20 AMWestern1 SW Jets Red 3-8ACES
C2006AA1111:30 AMNicholsA Pro Tips 6-4Jason Dawe Hockey Prospects Mobus
C2003AAA1511:40 AMNicholsB London West T1 2-4HTA
C20071512:00 PMWestern2 Xcelerate 1-2SW Jets Blue
F2006AAA1212:10 PMWestern3 Southwest Jets Blue 1-4Border City Ice Dogs
C2006AAA21312:10 PMWestern4 London West T1 3-5Regional Central T1
F20071812:40 PMWestern1 Elgin Sharks 1-10Regional Central
C2003AA1512:50 PMNicholsB Quickfeet 0-5Bluewater Sharks
C20041812:50 PMNicholsA Xcelerate 3-5Regional Central T2
F2003AAA181:20 PMWestern2 Green Gloves 3-2Xcelerate
C2002151:30 PMWestern4 Georgian Bay Rattlers 1-3London West T2
F2002181:30 PMWestern3 London Vipers 2-6London West T1
F2005232:00 PMWestern1 Green Gloves 1-0Elgin Sharks
C2001232:10 PMNicholsB London Rebels 1-5Ice Bulls
F2003AA182:40 PMWestern2 Regional Central T2 2-3London West T2
F2000182:50 PMWestern4 Green Gloves AAA 2-1Lambton Oil Kings
C2005183:00 PMWestern3 SW Jets 2-1Dunnys
F2004233:20 PMWestern1 Border City Ice Dogs 0-5London West T1
F2001284:00 PMWestern2 Green Gloves AAA 4-3Hamilton Tigers
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