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DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 26, 2018
C - RR112:00 PMNic A SARNIA Ice Hawks 2-6ELMVALE Bears
C+ Grp A212:15 PMNic C HAMILTON Sledgehammers 4-0KITCHENER Sidewinders
C+ Grp B31:15 PMNic A CRUISER Silver Streaks 2-2WOOLWICH Thrashers
A - Grp A41:30 PMChrysler DURHAM Steelhawks 2-3ELMVALE Bears
SL-W Grp A51:30 PMNic C CRUISERS Juniors 1-1HAMILTON Sledgehammers 2
SL-B Grp A62:30 PMNic A WINDSOR Ice Bullets 1-0DURHAM Steelhawks
SL-W Grp B72:45 PMNic C WOOLWICH Thrashers 2-0HAMILTON Sledgehammers 1
B - RR83:00 PMChrysler LONDON Blizzard 5-0WINDSOR Ice Bullets
C+ Grp A94:15 PMChrysler NORTHUMBERLAND Predators 2-5OHIO Blades
SL-B Grp B104:30 PMHarveys NORTHUMBERLAND Predators 0-5SIMCOE COUNTY Sliders
SL-B Grp A115:00 PMTonys BUFFALO Sabres 0-5PHILADELPHIA Hammerheads
C+ Grp B125:15 PMHanstone BUFFALO Sabres 0-2KAWARTHA Blazers
A - Grp B135:45 PMChrysler CRUISERS All Blacks 0-6Team SWEDEN
SL-B Grp B145:45 PMHarveys KAWARTHA Blazers 0-6PITTSBURGH Mighty Penquins
SL-W Grp A156:15 PMTonys NW OHIO Arctic Wolves 1-7SARNIA Ice Hawks
B - RR166:30 PMHanstone OTTAWA Senators 1-5EDMONTON Storm
A - Grp B177:00 PMChrysler EDMONTON Impact 1-0KAWARTHA Blazers
SL-W Grp B187:15 PMHarveys LONDON Blizzard 4-0ELMVALE Cubs
A - Grp A197:45 PMTonys MONTREAL Transat 2-4BUFFALO Sabres
A - Grp A208:00 PMHanstone MID AMERICA Rebels 6-0DURHAM Steelhawks
C - RR218:30 PMHarveys JOHNSTONE Sitting Bulls 0-5NORTH BAY Ice Breakers
C - RR228:30 PMChrysler MARKHAM Islanders 3-3SARNIA Ice Hawks
C - RR239:00 PMTonys OHIO Warriors 1-4LONG ISLAND Roughriders
Saturday, January 27, 2018
C+ Grp A247:15 AMHarveys OHIO Blades 2-3HAMILTON Sledgehammers
C+ Grp A257:30 AMHanstone KITCHENER Sidewinders 3-2NORTHUMBERLAND Predators
A - Grp A267:45 AMTonys BUFFALO Sabres 1-4MID AMERICA Rebels
A - Grp A278:00 AMChrysler ELMVALE Bears 2-1MONTREAL Transat
SL-B Grp A288:30 AMHarveys PHILADELPHIA Hammerheads 6-0WINDSOR Ice Bullets
SL-B Grp A298:45 AMHanstone DURHAM Steelhawks 3-2BUFFALO Sabres
SL-B Grp B309:00 AMTonys SIMCOE COUNTY Sliders 6-0KAWARTHA Blazers
C+ Grp B319:30 AMChrysler WOOLWICH Thrashers 0-2BUFFALO Sabres
SL-B Grp B3210:00 AMHarveys PITTSBURGH Mighty Penquins 2-0NORTHUMBERLAND Predators
SL-W Grp A3310:15 AMHanstone SARNIA Ice Hawks 1-0CRUISERS Juniors
SL-W Grp A3410:30 AMTonys HAMILTON Sledgehammers 2 3-1NW OHIO Arctic Wolves
C+ Grp B3510:45 AMChrysler KAWARTHA Blazers 5-0CRUISER Silver Streaks
SL-W Grp B3611:15 AMHarveys ELMVALE Cubs 0-6WOOLWICH Thrashers
SL-W Grp B3711:30 AMHanstone HAMILTON Sledgehammers 1 1-0LONDON Blizzard
B - RR3811:45 AMTonys WINDSOR Ice Bullets 1-4OTTAWA Senators
B - RR3912:15 PMChrysler EDMONTON Storm 8-2LONDON Blizzard
C - RR4012:45 PMHarveys LONG ISLAND Roughriders 1-4JOHNSTONE Sitting Bulls
C - RR411:00 PMHanstone ELMVALE Bears 6-0OHIO Warriors
C - RR421:15 PMTonys NORTH BAY Ice Breakers 4-1MARKHAM Islanders
A - Grp B431:30 PMChrysler Team SWEDEN 3-1EDMONTON Impact
A - Grp B442:00 PMHarveys KAWARTHA Blazers 3-0CRUISERS All Blacks
SL-B Grp A452:15 PMHanstone WINDSOR Ice Bullets 3-0BUFFALO Sabres
SL-B Grp A462:30 PMTonys PHILADELPHIA Hammerheads 7-0DURHAM Steelhawks
A - Champ473:00 PMChrysler DURHAM Steelhawks 0-4MONTREAL Transat
SL-B Grp B483:30 PMHarveys KAWARTHA Blazers 1-1NORTHUMBERLAND Predators
SL-B Grp B493:45 PMHanstone SIMCOE COUNTY Sliders 4-0PITTSBURGH Mighty Penquins
SL-W Grp A504:00 PMTonys CRUISERS Juniors 7-1NW OHIO Arctic Wolves
C+ Grp A514:15 PMChrysler HAMILTON Sledgehammers 3-0NORTHUMBERLAND Predators
SL-W Grp A524:45 PMHarveys SARNIA Ice Hawks 1-0HAMILTON Sledgehammers 2
SL-W Grp B535:00 PMHanstone WOOLWICH Thrashers 1-0LONDON Blizzard
SL-W Grp B545:15 PMTonys HAMILTON Sledgehammers 1 2-0ELMVALE Cubs
C+ Grp A555:45 PMChrysler KITCHENER Sidewinders 2-4OHIO Blades
C+ Grp B566:15 PMHarveys CRUISER Silver Streaks 1-2BUFFALO Sabres
C+ Grp B576:30 PMHanstone WOOLWICH Thrashers 0-1KAWARTHA Blazers
C - Champ586:45 PMTonys OHIO Warriors 0-11NORTH BAY Ice Breakers
C - Champ597:00 PMChrysler SARNIA Ice Hawks 5-2LONG ISLAND Roughriders
A - Champ607:30 PMHarveys BUFFALO Sabres 3-1ELMVALE Bears
C - Champ617:45 PMHanstone MARKHAM Islanders 0-2JOHNSTONE Sitting Bulls
A - Grp B628:00 PMTonys KAWARTHA Blazers 0-5Team SWEDEN
B - RR638:15 PMChrysler OTTAWA Senators 1-2LONDON Blizzard
A - Grp B648:45 PMHarveys CRUISERS All Blacks 0-7EDMONTON Impact
A - Champ659:00 PMHanstone MONTREAL Transat 1-2MID AMERICA Rebels
B - RR669:15 PMTonys WINDSOR Ice Bullets 3-7EDMONTON Storm
Sunday, January 28, 2018
C - Champ677:00 AMChrysler SARNIA Ice Hawks 1-5ELMVALE Bears
C - Champ687:30 AMHanstone JOHNSTONE Sitting Bulls 2-7NORTH BAY Ice Breakers
SL-B Champ697:45 AMHarveys WINDSOR Ice Bullets 3-0SIMCOE COUNTY Sliders
SL-B Champ708:15 AMTonys PITTSBURGH Mighty Penquins 0-5PHILADELPHIA Hammerheads
A - Champ718:30 AMChrysler EDMONTON Impact 0-3MID AMERICA Rebels
A - Champ729:00 AMHanstone BUFFALO Sabres 4-1Team SWEDEN
SL-W Champ739:15 AMHarveys SARNIA Ice Hawks 1-2HAMILTON Sledgehammers 1
SL-W Champ749:45 AMTonys WOOLWICH Thrashers 4-0CRUISERS Juniors
C+ Champ7510:00 AMChrysler OHIO Blades 0-2KAWARTHA Blazers
C+ Champ7610:30 AMHanstone BUFFALO Sabres 0-4HAMILTON Sledgehammers
B - Champ7711:30 AMChrysler LONDON Blizzard 0-5EDMONTON Storm
C - Champ7812:00 PMHanstone NORTH BAY Ice Breakers 4-2ELMVALE Bears
SL-B Champ7912:00 PMHarveys WINDSOR Ice Bullets 1-3PHILADELPHIA Hammerheads
A - Champ801:00 PMChrysler BUFFALO Sabres 3-4MID AMERICA Rebels
SL-W Champ811:30 PMHanstone HAMILTON Sledgehammers 1 0-2WOOLWICH Thrashers
C+ Champ821:30 PMHarveys HAMILTON Sledgehammers 1-4KAWARTHA Blazers
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